Vacation Care Program

Please scroll down for instructions on how to enrol your child into vacation care

Step 1:

Download/Open either Google Play or Apple Store

Step 2:

Key into Search Bar: My Family Lounge This will bring up the below App to download onto your phone/iPad

Step 3:

This will download an icon onto your phone/iPad as show below

Step 4:

Use your primary account holder email address as your email login and for your password.

Then sign in and change your password immediately to something else.

Step 5:

Select the Casual Bookings Button below and press to access Vacation Care Bookings/Casual Bookings.

Step 6:

Please select the type of booking you wish to make.

VAC = Vacation Care and Year Level
BSC = Before School Care and Year Level
ASC = After School Care and Year Level

This will open the Casual Booking page which is for booking into Vacation Care.

Step 7:

Click on the day you wish to book. Green is available. Purple is booked by you.

Red is fully booked.  Once selected save and exit the booking.

To change your booking select the day you wish to cancel.

This will only be able to be changed if it is outside the 14-day cancellation policy.

Step 8:


Please note, all parents need to complete the Incursion/Excursion Authorisation form shown in the screenshot below if their child/ren are attending the service on any of the Incursion/Excursion Days.

Please tick the days you are attending and sign the form and email to so to avoid your child/ren from being excluded from the activity.  Click on this screenshot to re-direct you to the form to download and email.